Music apps without wifi

Best Music Apps without Wifi

We often listen music in spare time, while hitting gym, doing maths & at parties. Having such gathering everyone want to hear their favorite songs & playlist change frequently. To compile this comprehensive list of music apps that are worthwhile installing, we looked into the music libraries and distinctive features of a wide range of music programs.

The top 10 music apps without wifi are shown below:


With a music library that outpaces the competition and an amazing range of streaming films and podcasts, Spotify is the most popular music streaming app of all time. It’s an excellent music app for listening to music offline because users can simply download music and playlists to their device’s hard drive. Spotify caters to music lovers of all genres with its vast selection of music available to stream and download, as well as radio stations and custom playlists from the majority of featured artists. Playlists are easy to make, and the more you add to them, the better Spotify’s algorithms become, giving you better results from Discover Weekly recommendations. Fortunately, Spotify does offer a free trial, which allows you to browse the millions of songs available and enjoy ad-free listening for 30 days while also having access to the songs without an internet connection.

Apple Music

With over 70 million songs, Apple Music is the most recent version of the wildly famous iTunes online music streaming service. Many excellent music apps are available for Apple devices, including some of the top DJ apps for the iPhone. Along with its huge music library, Apple Music also offers live radio and private playlists. Apple Music is a free programme that can be downloaded on iOS and Android, despite the fact that it is often thought of as being for users of Apple products. A 90-day free trial is available to brand-new users. As a result, you may listen to songs on your Android or iOS smartphone without a WiFi connection or an active internet connection and enjoy offline music wherever you are.

Amazon Music

For those who already have an Amazon Prime account, Amazon Music is a fantastic music streaming service that they can access through their Amazon Echo voice assistant and utilze to listen to music offline. Amazon Music, like Apple Music, offers a sizable music collection that includes the most well-liked musical genres and lets you stream your preferred tunes without a wifi or internet connection. The good news is that you may listen to music on any device without a WiFi or internet connection with any Amazon Music membership options. However, the free version does not offer this capability. This is one of the more flexible music apps that don’t require wifi because normal Amazon Prime members have access to a huge library of videos in addition to offline mode.

Pandora Pandora

One of the less well-known programs that allows you to listen to music without an online connection is Pandora. To enable the offline option on Pandora, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, much like with some of the other music streaming services mentioned above.

Since its launch on iOS and Android in 2000, Pandora has amassed more than 60 million users and offers millions of songs, podcasts, and playlists Users can quickly search the music and podcasts they have available on the platform, and like Spotify, The Pandora streaming app isn’t available everywhere, so if you’re not situated in the US, it’s worth checking to see if it’s available there.


Deezer is a great streaming software for music lovers with diverse interests because to its large music catalogue, which includes both independent and popular music. The software is a flexible free music player that is accessible on iOS and Android and can be used on tablets, smart TVs, laptops, and smartphones. Playlists are easy to create, and just like Spotify, Deezer gets better at suggesting music to listen to as you use it more and add new songs to your library. If you’re unsure if Deezer is the finest free offline music app for your needs, they offer a trial membership so you can decide if it’s the ideal fit for you.

Sound Cloud Music Apps Without WiFi

The most comprehensive music catalogue of all music apps may be found on Sound Cloud, which sprang to fame as the go-to free music streaming app for creatives. Sound Cloud is the finest free app available if you already have some of the top free beat-making software and are seeking for a place to share your music. Sound Cloud is accessible on Android and iOS from the appropriate app store, and all subscription plans let you listen offline and enjoy an ad-free experience. One of the greatest apps for listening to music from up-and-coming musicians and specialized producers that you won’t discover on rival services like Spotify.


Tidal is a high-end music streaming service with headquarters in Norway. In addition to its outstanding collection of tracks from some of the biggest names in the music business, Tidal also provides podcasts and video streaming. You’ll need wifi to listen to free music, and you’ll need to upgrade to a Tidal Premium or Tidal HiFi membership to access offline music and other fun features like radio stations, curated mixes, and an ad-free experience. One of the more alluring applications for fans of live performances is Tidal since you can attend some of the exclusive live concerts that they stream live.

Napster Napster: Wireless-Free Music Apps

DJs could go to Napster in the beginning to locate uploads of some of the most obscure music accessible. Napster started as a contentious but wildly popular peer-to-peer file transfer service. The Playlist Maker function on Napster’s platform makes it exceedingly easy to create playlists of songs by intelligently recommending tracks based on your musical interests.

music apps without wifi

You can add music with a quick swipe, and to further customise your playlists, you can even add animated GIFs from GIPHY. Napster is a flexible streaming service for persons confined to their home offices who want to enjoy music offline without wifi because it also supports offline listening through desktop.

Music on YouTube

With its vast information database and reliable streaming service, YouTube Music continues where the wildly popular Google Play Music left off. It is a popular video streaming service. You may easily switch between an audio track and a music video, fast search for songs by lyrics, and browse hundreds of playlists that appeal to a wide range of genres. Even features like the ability to see location- and time-based playlists and creating collaborative playlists with friends are available here that weren’t accessible through Google Play Music. There is also an offline mixtape option, something you won’t find on other music-listening apps, which creates an automatically downloaded playlist based on your listening habits. With music accessible in Low, Normal, and High quality, which correspond to 48kbps AAC, 128kbps AAC, and 256kbps AAC bit rates, respectively, the audio quality is comparable to what Google Play Music provides.


LiveXLive, which specialises in live music streaming, podcasts, and carefully curated channels with exclusive material, completes our list of music-related apps without a wifi requirement. It is formerly Slacker Radio, is more of a radio app than a full-fledged music streaming service, but it does let you search for songs and artists that are played on their radio stations. The clean and simple user interface of LiveXLive makes it easy to access thousands of radio stations. The app also shows all the stations playing your favourite music right now. If you’re a big fan of live performances, this may be the finest music app without wifi because you can use it to buy tickets for both live events and streamed ones.


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