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  • Does Tiktok notify when you share someone's video
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    Does Tiktok notify when you share someone’s video

    Tik Tok is a short video platform that has been increasingly popular if you enjoy viewing them. The length of the videos that users can see ranges from 5 seconds to 1 minute. They may be humorous, instructive, or a well-written skit. Users may discover that they have a few favourite app individuals as they […] More

  • Why my instagram stories blurry

    Why are my Instagram stories blurry

    Instagram is one the place where you can share happiest moment of your life with your followers & friends. But if these moments get blurry while sharing, you will definitely lose the excitement. Why are my Instagram stories blurry? We will let you know how to fix this by knowing the actual reason behind the […] More

  • Play youtube in background

    How to Play Youtube Videos in background on your phone

    Do you wish to play YouTube videos in background on your mobile without paying the membership expense for YouTube Premium? Indeed, the authority YouTube application for both Android and iOS doesn’t permit this yet there is a fast workaround to finish this. You can play youtube videos in background by third party apps & also […] More

  • unmatch but still texting
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    Bumble Unmatch me But still Texting

    Bumble information shows most unmatches occur before talks even start. So in the event that you’ve seen this occurrence to you, have confidence it’s anything but an impression of you personally! Be that as it may, being unrivaled after a decent talk or a date is unique. We realize this can hurt, which is the […] More