find mobile location using gmail

Can I Find my mobile location using Gmail?

If you lost your mobile phone or want to track anyone’s location; you can find mobile location using gmail. To do so you need to ensure below checklist:

Android phones need the following in order to be located, locked, or erased:

  1. be activated
  2. be logged into a Google Account be using Wi-Fi or mobile data
  3. Show up on Google Play
  4. have Location activated
  5. Switch on Find My Device.

How to Use Gmail to Track Your Lost Phone

Now that you are aware of all the conditions and guidelines for using Google’s Find My Device, you also need to be aware of the steps to track the location of your lost Android device using Gmail and the services that are offered.

Step 1: From another Android device, go to and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: A notification will be sent to the lost smartphone.

Step 3: A map containing information about the missing phone will then appear on the screen.
Fortunately, the last known location will still be accessible even if the device is switched off or the location services are disabled. This might well assist you in finding your misplaced phone since it will give you a rough search area to begin with.

How can I track my phone if its switched off?

If your phone is switched off you won’t be able to track its current location. But you will be able to catch the last location of phone if it was connected to internet connection.





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