Auto scroll on iphone

How Can I Auto Scroll on Iphone

While you used to scroll & use phone for long hours, you will find yourself in tiring positing after some time. There you may want to use auto scroll in iphone.

You can auto scroll on iphone however the feature isn’t accessible on each application on the phone. For instance, you might auto at any point look on the Safari program, PDF peruser, and, surprisingly, some outsider applications like TikTok.

Additionally, you can utilize the inbuilt auto scroll highlights on iPhone and on the specific application. You can’t utilize an outsider application to auto scroll different applications on your iPhone, which you can do on an Android telephone.

This is on the grounds that iPhones are by and large sandboxed to forestall such outsider combination. In this way, if the application you are perusing or watching on doesn’t locally uphold auto scroll, you would essentially have to look with your fingers physically.

How to Auto Scroll on Iphone?

  1. One is to utilize the Assistive Touch highlight. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and turn on the Assistive Touch button. Then, at that point, you can open Safari or another application and utilize the Assistive Touch button to scroll.
  2. One more way to auto scroll is to utilize the built in auto-scrolling feature.
  3. You can use apps available on istore to use auto scroll feature.

Auto Scroll On Safari

To begin with, guarantee that your iPhone has the most recent version of ios installed. Despite the fact that Safari auto scroll is definitely not an especially new element, it can only work if your iphone software is upto date.
The Safari Auto Scroll is already built in mobiles but if can’t find it in iphone, download it from icloud. Never use third party apps to download a app. Always use trusted platforms.

  1. After adding auto scroll for safari; it will launch shortcuts.
  2. Go to end of shortcuts & allow untrusted sources.
  3. On the following page, tap on Skip Arrangement and the Safari auto scroll is added effectively.
  4. check the shortcuts to confirm auto scroll is present.

Enable Auto scroll on Safari

  1. Then, open Safari and go to any website page, Wait for it to open.
  2. At the point when the page opens, click on the share symbol
  3. As share menu opens; go to all teh way down where you can enable safari auto scroll option.
  4. A window will open where you can pick the scrolling speed in milliseconds.
  5. Safari auto scroll has preconfigured speeds 5, 10, 20, 50, 75, and 100. 5 is the quickest while 100 is the slowest.
  6. Tap on the speed in milliseconds that you need to auto look with.
  7. To enter your own speed, tap on Custom MS and PX. Then you would have to enter your own speed in milliseconds too.

What MS and PX here just means is number of casings (PX) per millisecond. In this way, assuming that you pick 60, you will have 60 milliseconds to see each casing on the website page before it looks up totally.

Note: In reader mode, Safari auto scroll will not work. You have to scroll manually as it does not allow any javascripts in that mode.

How to Auto Scroll on Tiktok in Iphone

There is no way to scroll automatically while using tiktok on iphones. Yet, i am going to tell you hack which can work sometime & save ur efforts.

  1. Create a playlist of your favorite videos and set that playlist as auto play.
  2. Set up new voice command; whenever you speak that command, your screen will scroll down while using tiktok. For example: you can set voice command “next”.





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