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How To Order New Walmart Discount Card

One must have been employed by Walmart for 90 consecutive days in order to be eligible for a Walmart Associate Discount Card. You and your domestic partner or spouse who is your legal spouse become eligible for a discount card on your 91st day of employment.

“You don’t need to enroll for a discount card. In-fact it will be purchased for you and your spouse and mailed to your Associate home address,” states the Walmart Associate Discount Card handbook.

What you need to know about your Walmart Associate Discount Card

When you use your Walmart Associate Discount Card at any Walmart store in the United States as a Walmart associate, you will receive a 10% discount on normally priced general products and fresh produce. On some items at, you can also enjoy the same discount.

Instead of a Walmart discount card, Sam’s Club field associates receive a free Sam’s Club membership. Sam’s Club employees, on the other hand, are eligible for a 10% discount on fresh produce at Sam’s Club using their membership card.

Who is Eligible of Walmart Discount Card?

You are eligible for an associate discount card on your 91st day of continuous employment as a newly recruited Walmart associate, along with your domestic partner or legal spouse.

A discount card is automatically ordered for you and your spouse and mailed to your spouse’s home address; you do not need to enroll for one.

Your personnel representative should have your current home postal address. It may take longer to receive your discount card if your address is incorrect.

If you have an eligible dependant, he or she may borrow your discount card and make purchases on his or her own. An eligible dependant is defined as (1) an unmarried kid aged 19 or under, or (2) an unmarried child aged 22 or younger who is enrolled full-time in college. Children who are reliant on you will not receive a discount card.

Changes in marital status

If you marry, you can obtain a card for your spouse via the WIRE’s Online Discount Card Application or Your ex-spouse is no longer eligible for any discounts if you get divorced. Using the Online Discount Card Application, please cancel their card.

Spouse/domestic partner eligibility

A spouse of an associate is defined by the legislation of the state in which the associate resides and includes spouses of the same gender.

Domestic partners who fit the description of domestic partners on the discount card policy are eligible for a discount card. The Discount Card Online Application, which is available on the WIRE or at, must be used to request a discount card for your domestic partner.

Tax requirements

Discounts obtained by a domestic partner or civil union partner of an associate must be considered as taxable income to the associate under federal tax law. State and municipal legislation may have standards that are comparable. For further information, contact your tax advisor.

Some states require associate discounts to be recognized as taxable discounts, and your discount may be recorded as taxable income in those states. For further information, you should consult with your tax adviser.

How to Properly use your discount card

You are solely responsible for the appropriate use of your discount card, whether it is used by you, your spouse, or any of your legal dependents as stated above. Please keep in mind:

  • Never lend your card to someone who is not authorized to receive the discount.
  • You should not utilize a discount card from another employee.
  • You should not shop for others in order to receive a discount.
  • Items purchased with your discount card should not be purchased for resale, commercial usage. You even cannot intend to get reimbursement for the transaction.
  • To prevent illegal usage by another person, you should deactivate a lost or stolen card right away. To cancel, go to or the WIRE’s Online Discount Card Application. Within 7 to 14 business days, a new card will be mailed to you.
  • Any discounts will be applied to any returned or exchanged products.

Unauthorized use of the Associate Discount Card and misuse of this advantage may result in the following consequences:

  1. loss of the benefit;
  2. Disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

What isn’t eligible for a discount?

Items not eligible for a discount include:

  • Sale, clearance, or marked-down items
  • Most grocery items (except fresh produce)
  • Eye exams in vision centers
  • Items purchased with a tax-exemption ID number
  • Items purchased for company use when Walmart reimburses the expense
  • Gasoline purchases
  • Items purchased for charitable events if the associate receives money to purchase items or they will be reimbursed

Terms and Conditions that apply when you use your discount card on

You’ll be prompted to input your discount card information each time you make a purchase on

Items that are not discount eligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Clearance merchandise
  • Business cards
  • Gift vouchers for online purchases
  • Album digital download (audio)
  • Track digital download (audio)
  • Shipping charges has the right to modify its policy at any moment regarding the goods that are eligible for an associate discount.

How does the Long-Term Service Discount card work?

You won’t have to fill out a form if you’re eligible for a Long-Term Service Discount Card. There’s no need for a new card, and there’s nothing you need to do! Your existing discount card will automatically change to a Long-Term Service Discount Card. Just complete your length of service milestone, as determined by our system. It will continue to function after you leave the firm.

As usual, please call People Services immediately at 800-421-1362 if your card is lost, stolen, or needs to be replaced.


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