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How to Watch Formula 1 Live on Mobile & TV

Formula 1 fans never want to miss the F1 race. We will guide you with platforms where you can watch Formula 1 Live on Mobile & on tv platforms. For fans and lovers of the most popular races, this application was created. Here you will find the most recent news from the pilots’ camp, as well as read and watch the pilots’ interviews, live video, the race schedule, the weather forecast for the race day, and other interesting information.

Timing and sensors in real-time is a curious feature of the application. You can watch the riders’ lap times, places, and so on in real time. During the race, the programme will show each pilot’s position on the track, his lap time, and the sector of the track he passes. There are text comments about what is happening on the track in the app.

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Sports and technical regulations are a curious section. Many interesting things have been written about the changes this season, as well as all the technical details.

Application features include

  • All Formula 1 stages are streamed live online.
  • Sector, tyre, and pit stop information.
  • An interactive map displaying driver speed and DRS usage.
  • Analysis of the pilot’s exit from turns.
  • The radio team and the pilot talk.
  • Some features of the application become available only after a paid subscription.


F1TV is a great programm that will be useful to all fans of the royal races – Formula 1. Thanks to the F1TV app, users can view all Grand Prix in high quality. Thanks to internal servers, the F1TV application provides a high-quality and reliable signal.

View the race is carried out in direct mode. F1TV allows you to follow not only the royal races but also the class GP. Fans of racing will be delighted. Adjusting the video in the F1TV app will allow you to customize the image quality.

This is the end of the functionality of the F1TV tool. It is also worth noting an easy interface, powerful search engine, and simple navigation. This app is one of the best legal ways to watch F1 live on Android and iOS devices


Tremble, Formula 1 fans, you now have the opportunity to watch the race live on your mobile phone. An application that works in many countries, giving television streaming video at extremely low prices.

Movies, TV shows, sports … a large amount of content is available! This application offers us dozens of channels, both free and paid, for a monthly subscription.

This is a very convenient way to watch our favorite programm, films, and series, as well as sports such as F1, football (La-Liga, Premier League, Champions League, Champions…), NBA, NFL, tennis, baseball, MotoGP, and so on.

The most intriguing feature is that it provides us with cloud storage space to record from 30 to 500 hours of video (depending on our subscription) so that we don’t miss any of our favorite shows or broadcasts:

  • Numerous television channels.
  • Huge coverage of sporting events.
  • Grid program for all channels.
  • Function to create a broadcast alert.
  • The ability to record content for later viewing.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a mobile application that allows you to watch a broadcast of Formula 1 directly from your mobile phone. You need to either sign or pay daily access to the content. Nice interface, clear functionality will allow you to enjoy the live broadcast to the fullest.

Sky Sports is a specialised app, which is completely devoted to car racing Formula 1. The broadcast of professional races and competition preparation will be seen by the spectator.

This channel made it possible to watch each stage of the races in high definition. Watch Sky Sports online means getting the latest news in the sports world every day. Fans eager to meet and interview famous racers. Moreover, all competitions are voiced by famous commentators.


The ESPN app covers a wide range of sports, including your favorite Formula 1. Each of the major sports is featured as a distinct tab on the ESPN SportsCenter.

ESPN allows you to select your favourite teams from any sport, and their results are displayed on the application’s first page.

Click on the result and you will receive race statistics, a summary, and information about the races. The updated application also now contains videos so you can watch all the actions on your phone.

You can set up alerts for your favourite teams. The volume setting in the ESPN SportsCenter is impressive. Including push notifications, you can request an alert each time something happens to your favourite team. This includes the latest news and analysis of the races. You are also constantly updating news via the integrated Twitter channel in ESPN.

The most aggravating feature of an ESPN application is advertisements. Too many ads that invade the screen when you try to use the application, especially when trying to view videos.

A complete application for sports lovers leverages ESPNs sports coverage and commercial rights to deliver a terrific app for all sports enthusiasts.

BBC Sport

You will enjoy watching Formula 1 in the BBC Sport app. Compared to other channels, BBC starts broadcasting much earlier, a lot of their own interviews, analysts. Awesome commentators broadcast live during the royal races. Who once looked at the BBC will not be able to watch anything else.

BBC Sport has a great iPlayer online broadcast service. It gives you the opportunity to view live broadcasts of all TV and some BBC channels. Plus, one or two days after the broadcast, programmes are available for viewing and downloading.

LIVE Car Racing on TV

This app contains a complete list of races that will be broadcast on free television in Central European countries, as well as those that will be broadcast over the Internet.

The main page has an event calendar. The sort of races you are interested in may be chosen in the settings, and the information of the races can be discovered by just clicking on the race’s name.

F1, FE, DTM, WTCR, WEC, eSports Sim Racing, and more races are now available.

All event information is obtained from the internet and is updated online using a computer with an internet connection. If the internet connection is lost, the most recently downloaded data is stored.

The app is accessible in three languages: English, German, and Dutch.

Watch Formula 1 Live on

The service gives a wonderful option for all fans to keep track of the broadcasts of races, including Formula 1. All sporting races are broadcast nonstop on this channel.

You can stay up with all the news, just click on the app and you will immediately receive a tonne of material about all the leaders, future events, and top racers.

The video player is quite useful since users can search for relevant moments using timeline markers and custom tags.

You don’t need to examine the hours-long tape of the race to notice the most thrilling part. Simply utilise the video player’s timeline markers function.

This app is a treasure trove. There is a wealth of information about the races, which is constantly updated.

Use the app to follow the schedule of all forthcoming races. It’s pretty straightforward, because the design is minimalistic and contemporary, and all the important features are simply situated.

Watch Formula Live Streams

This is a straightforward app that allows you to watch your favourite Formula One races live and in high definition.The service cares about its customers, which is why the creators have meticulously planned a calendar of all races for the upcoming seasons.

You may always check the timetable of impending broadcasts in real-time. In addition, the app will even send you a notification. You won’t forget about the race this way.When viewing the live broadcast, you may utilise timeline markers to relive the most thrilling moments of the race.

Another important feature of this app is the TV mode. Just connect your smart TV and phone to view on the big screen. Although it may be difficult to believe, the app is absolutely free. You do not need to purchase a costly subscription to continue utilizing the service.






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